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Natural Environment Teaching (NET) employs principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to impart knowledge in the authentic and real-world settings.

As children with autism may lack the motivation to explore beyond their comfort zones, Natural Environment Teaching becomes imperative, albeit challenging. Our team of professionals adeptly applies behavioral therapies outside the conventional school or day care structure, leveraging the child's familiar activities and materials within the comfort of their home. This approach allows us to address skills that may not typically be covered in a clinic setting. Emphasizing the significance of Natural Environment Teaching, our clinic aims to broaden the horizons for our children by exposing them to diverse settings.The ultimate objective is to facilitate the application of learned behaviors and concepts to real-life situations. Unfortunately, many programs are limited in incorporating this teaching approach, some entirely neglecting to introduce new skills in a natural environment. This limitation can result in a child only being proficient in the skills acquired during therapy, without being able to effectively apply them outside of that specific setting.

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